From the sun's energy source to the formation of the solar system .


The sun energy source is thought to be nuclear fusion. However, there are evidences and contradictions like the galaxies flat rotation curve or the presence of super massive black hole in almost every galaxy that suggest a new theory of the sun energy source and the operation of galaxies.

The main points of the theory are as follows:

1.  The sun energy source is from magnetic fields from the galactic center.
2.  The heat induced by the magnetic fields leads to high energy collision between particle in the sun core that creates new particle and increase the sun mass.
3.  All the stars in the galaxy create new mass so the total mass and the size of the galaxy is increasing.
4.  The stars in the galaxy eject dust that freefall to the galactic center supermassive black hole. Thorough the dynamo effect the gravitational potential energy of the debris and dust is converted to magnetic fields.
5.  As the galaxy mass and size increase, globular clusters are detached form the main galaxy to create new galaxies.
6.  Galaxies spawn new galaxies and the total number of galaxies in the universe increase.
7.  The universe expands and accelerates from the increase in the number of the galaxies.
8.  The Big Bang cosmological model is replaced by a new cosmological model that resembles the steady state theory.
9.  stars grow gradually from conversion of energy to mass.
10.  Stars are born from planets, they first grow by accretion and then by conversion of energy to mass.
11.  Stars fluctuate from main sequence to a red giant. When the magnetic fields are strong the star is in the main sequence, when the magnetic fields are weakened the star turn to a red giant.
12.  The sun was a red giant 4.6 billions years ago.
13.  The planets were created from the strong solar wind of the red giant sun.

The solar cycle is a striking evidence for this theory. Every 11 years the sun is changing the direction of its dipole magnetic field. The current solar model assume incorrectly that the change of the magnetic fields is coming from inside the sun, but it is not, it is coming from the galactic center and it supply energy that heat the sun. The magnetic fields from the galactic center reach the sun not directly but through magnetic eddies in the galactic disk.

The X-Rays images bellow are from the Yohkoh satellite .They demonstrate that the sun activity is controled by the solar cycle.

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The sun energy source is not nuclear fusion.pdf

Abstract: The sun energy source thought to be a nuclear fusion reactor inside the sun core. The sun is not heated by fusion reaction but by magnetic fields coming from the galactic center. The nuclear fusion is a by product of the magnetic fields heating. The changing magnetic fields from the galactic center induce electric currents inside the sun that heat the sun. The heat and the high kinetic energy of particles in the sun core, trigger high energy collisions that create the main constituents of matter, electron, proton and neutron. The collisions also fuse or nucleosynthesis heavier elements like deuterium, tritium, helium and lithium. This leads to the fact that the stars and galaxies constantly produce mass and energy. The article will explain the clockworks behinds the galaxies energy production. The galaxy energy and mass production cancel out the Big Bang theory and leads to a steady state cosmological model with large amount of new mass created that expand and accelerate the universe.

The neutrinos from the sun

The neutrinos created inside the sun are used to prove the incorrect standard solar model. The sun moun neutrinos are thought to be created by neutrino oscillation but are actually created inside the sun by nuclear reactions. This is shown in this article dedicated to the neutrinos from the sun:

The sun produces muon neutrinos flux without neutrino oscillations.pdf

Abstract: The sun energy source is from magnetic fields in the galactic disk distributed by the supermassive black hole(reference 1). This article we will discuss the effect of the sun new energy source on the neutrino particle experiments and research. The sun new energy source revokes the solar neutrino problem and its immediate solution by neutrino oscillations.
A historical review of the solar neutrino experiments will clarify that the solar neutrino flux describes a solar activity entirely different from that predicted by the standard solar model. The solar neutrino experiments are more useful as an internal probe of the sun activity then to verifying the standard solar model.
The new sun energy source is an astrophysical explanation to the solar neutrino problem that invalidates the neutrino oscillation solution. Without neutrino oscillations, the SNO detector results show that the sun produce a muon neutrinos flux, created by heavy particle interactions of the second family of the standard particle model.


Stellar rotation, sunspots and Jupiter Great Red Spot

The next article tries to extend the theory by showing that stellar rotation is caused by the same magnetic fields that heat the stars. It also shows that planets like Jupiter has stellar cycle that supply heat and create Jupiter jet streams and the Great Red Spot.

Stellar rotation is driven by magnetic fields in the galactic disc.pdf

Abstract: Stellar rotation is believed to be the result of the collapse of a stellar nebula when the star is born. This article will refute this idea and will show that stellar rotation is driven by changing magnetic fields in the galactic disc. It will show that Jupiter has a stellar cycle that drives its jet streams around the planet. Those jet streams are electrically charged by Jupiter stellar cycle to create the forward and backward flowing jets. The electric potential between adjacent jets drives spots like the great red spot. Similarly, it will be shown that the plasma belts in the sun are created by the solar cycle and that electric potential between adjacent belts drive the sunspots. The result of the flow of the plasma belts around the sun is the solar rotation and its associated differential rotation.


The origin of the solar system 

identifying the sun energy source eneble to trace the origin of the solar system. The sun and planets formed separately. First the sun formed and then after some time, under the gravitational pull of the sun, the planets formed. Red giants are not dying stars. Stars fluctuate all the time from being a red giant to being a regular star. The sun was a red giant 4.6 billion years ago as evident from meteorite age. The solar planets formed from the material ejected by the strong solar wind of the red giant sun.

The sun was a red giant 4.6 billion years ago - the planets were born from the solar wind of the red giant sun.pdf

Calculation of the sun energy source from magnetic fields as measured by the Ulysses probe.

The solar cycle change the magnetic polarity of the sun every 11 years. Those changing magnetic fields induce currents inside the sun according to Faraday's Law. Those electric currents supply energy and heat the sun.

The sun can absorb large amount of energy from weak magnetic fields due to its low resistivity.pdf

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